Why companies use iSurvey

(according to our users)

There’s quite a few options when it comes to choosing how to compile your property condition reports. So, rather than us simply telling you our solution is better, here’s what our users said when we asked them why they work with us rather than other providers.

Easy to use, simple software

iSurvey is designed to be as simple to use as possible so you can work fast – there’s no complicated features you don’t actually need. The app’s proven step-by-step reporting process ensures a quick and efficient workflow that misses no details.

Industry leading, one-to-one customer support

Your success is our mission. Every iSurvey client has a personal account manager to help you get up and running with the system and provide ongoing customer support whenever required so you get the most from your software investment.

Free one-to-one training

We offer free, personal and one-to-one training to all new users. This makes sure you can get up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible. But this service isn’t just for new users – it’s ongoing and is often used when new members of staff need to learn how to use the app. Your account manager can even meet you in person – especially useful for larger team training sessions.

Customised for you, for free

Property condition reports have specific elements that are required for compliance, but we understand that every company and user is different. That’s why we offer a report customisation service to make sure the app runs and creates reports according to your precise requirements and preferences. We don”t charge a fee for this – it’s included as part of our service.

£0 to get set-up and get started

We don’t lump you with expensive set-up fees to get started with us. We listen to your precise needs, get you set-up on the app according to your requirements and then let you try it for yourself on a generous zero-obligation free trial.

White label reports as standard

iSurvey reports are white-label as standard, so you don’t need to worry about having “created by iSurvey” all over your reports. We also don’t charge you anything extra to add your branding to your reports.

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