Property inventory app that helps you work faster, eliminate admin and operate more effectively.

The iSurvey property inventory app is designed to take the hassle out of property reporting. With simple yet powerful features, the property inventory software lets you produce inventory, inspection and check-out reports quickly while helping to make sure you capture all the required information for fully compliant and robust reports.


Eliminate all admin work

Compile property information, take photographs and sign-off on the property inventory app. The data is then automatically exported into a secure PDF document that is ready to be sent to all required parties and can be viewed online any time.

Ensure a robust audit trail

iSurvey helps you keep a robust audit trail of the property’s condition throughout each and every tenancy. Through encouraging best practices and providing a clear record of every report produced for the property, disputes can be resolved quickly and fairly.


Reduce waste

Compiling property inventory reports manually is time consuming. iSurvey allows you to create reports quickly and efficiently, meaning you can focus on growing your business. iSurvey also eliminates the need for printing long reports, saving money on ink and paper and making your business more eco-friendly.

Create fully compliant, professional property inventory reports on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Create top quality reports in a flash

Easy to use, tried-and-tested user interface and workflow allows you to get reports done fast while promoting best practices for fully compliant reports.

Never miss a detail

Capture all required data about the property for compliant reports, including utilities, safety devices installed, rooms, contents and condition.

Make problem areas clear

Record comments and observations of any items where maintenance work is required or defects are evident. You can then create a list of actions to resolve. Areas of concern are clearly highlighted in reports.


Take as many photographs as you need

Take unlimited photographs of rooms and items using the device camera or import later from a digital camera. Photographs are automatically date and time stamped, and the original images can be stored to your device automatically if required.


Your reports, your branding

All iSurvey inventory, inspection and check-out reports are white label as standard. That means our logo appears nowhere on the final PDF documents. We’ll even add your branding to your reports at no extra cost – just ask.

No internet connection required

Review your work as you go using the offline preview feature. You don’t need an internet connection to compile reports on the app, only when you want to upload reports to your online account, meaning you’re not wasting mobile data when on-site.

Save time with powerful property inventory app features

Extensive and powerful dictionary of items

Intelligent drop-down menu suggestions for item descriptions avoid the need for endless typing. Just tap the applicable descriptions and add further detail as required.

Copy elements

iSurvey lets you copy rooms and items to avoid inputting repetitive information into the app. Very useful when the property is decorated consistently throughout with repetitive fixtures and fittings.

Voice recognition

iSurvey integrates seamlessly with your device’s voice recognition software. Speak into your device and iSurvey will generate your words as text within the app.

Sign reports on the app

Once you’re happy with the report, you can sign it digitally on screen and complete the report on-site – the signatures are automatically embedded into the final PDF document and the tenant’s signature, if completed, will appear on each page.

Copy inventories into new ones and amend as needed

You can download, copy and then amend reports already in the system to re-make inventories, inspections and check-outs faster. There’s no need to start from scratch, just update the new report with up-to-date photographs and condition details.

Ensure a robust audit trail for your properties

Professional and secure reports

Once complete, iSurvey automatically converts the information you compile into an easy-to-read, secure and professional PDF document.

Compare check-in and check-out condition easily

In iSurvey property inventory app check-out reports, items and their corresponding condition at check-in are displayed alongside the new data to ensure accuracy and fairness.

Reports stored securely online for access anytime

All your property inventory, inspection and check-out reports are stored securely on your online account. From here you can view and download them 24/7.

iSurvey helps you create a full and comprehensive record of the property’s condition from the beginning of the tenancy to the end, ensuring disputes can be resolved quickly and fairly.

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